Minutes of the November 2019 Meeting

Minutes of the November 2019 Meeting


-Call to order at 5:52

-Pledge of allegiance

-Minutes of the October 2019 meeting were read by Brian.

-Change $30 to $63.66 for the branch meeting sign.

-Treasurers report was given by Roy

-Correspondence was read:  NALC National convention delegate eligibility of 5.



-Ken had asked to get a sign for Fremont branch meetings.  Motion by Brian, 2nd by Kim to pay $63.66 for the sign.  MOTION PASSED


-Food drive discussion postponed until December meeting because FD coordinator was not present.


-Fall training was discussed.  Consolidated casing and the nightmare it is were discussed.  We need to protect our jobs by doing what we are supposed to do.  Case the things that should be cased.


-Lamination machine for the Branch was purchased…


-Holiday party was discussed.  Price will be $13/plate.



-T-6 position in Fremont was finally posted and Cody Loomis will start on the 23rd of November.


-T-6 position in Blair was finally posted and Jon Woksa started on November 9th.


-Installation of officers of Branch 89 will take place at the Holiday Party.

President:                     Brian Greunke

VP/Recording Sec:       Kim Ognissanti

Treasurer/Fin. Sec.       Roy Seier

Sergeant-at-Arms:        Mike Jensen

Trustees:                       Lori Yuan, Brenda Brdico, Anthony Lockhart



-Fremont Branch office has moved to the other side of the workroom floor.  Supplies and shelving were purchased as well as a stand for the laminating machine.

-Motion by Brian, 2nd by Kim to reimburse Ken $141.63 for office expenses.


-Motion by Brian, 2nd by Mike to compensate Ken Nelson for time worked off the

Clock on his day off to move the office for 5.5 hours @ $20/hour.  MOTION PASSED

-Motion by Mike, 2nd by Ken to reimburse Heidi Johnson $45.68 for Annual leave board materials.  MOTION PASSED


-Bonding of new officers will be researched by Roy.


-Branch Website was discussed.

-Motion by Kim, 2nd by Mike to spend up to $450.00 for a website makeover with

Sorensen web design. MOTION PASSED


-Steward reports:         CCA in Schuyler DUI was discussed

-Fremont has 3 grievances going:  OT equalization, Outside CCA                                              usage, and Chad issues.

-Wahoo and the stupid forced OT grievance was sent to DRT.


-Motion by Kim, 2nd by Brian to set the price per guest to the holiday party at $25.



Motion to adjourn at 7:15



Respectfully submitted,



Brian Greunke

VP/Recording Secretary

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