March 2023 Branch 89

S2Branch89 Merged March 2023 Monthly Union Meeting pg 1


March 2nd, 2023


Minutes of the February 2023 meeting were read by Raven and accepted as read.


The Treasurer’s report was read by Clint.






Letter regarding bylaw changes


NBA report


Letter for NBA representative


Old Business:


Food drive is May 13th


RAP session will be in Kansas City March 11th and 12th. Brian, Raven and Juve will be attending. Reports to follow in April’s meeting.


State convention will be April 14th, 15th, and 16th in Omaha. Brian, Raven, Juve, Chad and Clint will be attending as delegates for branch 89.


New business:


Brian attended a lobby trip in Washington DC.


By law Changes for discussion are as follows:


Change #1: Adding the Mutual Benefits Association Representative to the list of duties for our vice president.


Change#2: adding language about the election of officers for the branch every three years.


Change#3: adds language to continue to hold our branch meetings by zoom.

S2Branch89 Merged March 2023 Monthly Union Meeting pg 2


Merger Application


South Sioux City has begun the process of applying to merge with branch 89.  They have 5 city routes and 1 T-6, 2 cca’s and 7 retired members.


Chad made a motion to pay for registration to state convention for Brian, Raven, Juve, Chad and Clint. 240$ for registration including banquet fee. Kelly seconded. Motion passed.


Kelly made a motion to pay 30$ for NALC food drive posters, Chad seconded. Motion passed


Kelly made a motion to renew our Omaha world herald subscription, split between the branch and the clerks. Roy seconded. Motion passed.




Quarterly over time grievances have been sent to the dirt team.


Overtime violations, pulling off of hold downs.


Juve filed a grievance in Oakland.




Kelly, Chad, Raven, Roy, Mike M. Brian, Mike J


Adjourned: 7:31pm

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