April Meeting Minutes

S2Branch89 Merged April 2024 Monthly Union Meeting pg 1


April 4th, 2024


Minutes of the March 2024 meeting were read by Raven and accepted as read.


The Treasurer’s report was read by Clint.






NBA report


1188 for Ken Nelson’s cancelation of union dues


Delegate credentials for nationals 


Housing sign up for nationals


Old Business:


Raven Chad and Brian presented Dok with his 70 year pin and plaque.


Food drive cards came in


New business: 


Spring training will take place April 20th and 21st


Kelly made a motion to send Chad and Raven to spring training, paying them 250$ per day plus per diem.  Clint seconded.  Motion passed.


Spring trainings fundraiser will be a “split the pot” with door prizes


Brian made a station visit to superior.


Chad made a motion to pay Raven 50$ for attending OWCP training. Kelly seconded. Motion passed.


Chad made a motion to pay Raven and Brian for attending the presidents meeting.  Kelly seconded. Motion passed.


S2Branch89 Merged April 2024 Monthly Union Meeting pg 2


Clint makes a motion to reimburse Brian for buying breakfast for carriers in Superior. Kelly seconded. Motion passed.


Kelly made a motion to send Raven and Chad to South Sioux, Oakland and other outside stations to do station visits, paying 250$ per day plus mileage and per diem, also to include purchasing breakfast for these stations.  Chad seconded. Motion passed




CCA’s delivering rural packages, taking CCA’s off of hold downs, alternating CCA’s on working sundays, and attendance.




Raven, Brian, Cara, Chad, Clint, Kelly


Adjourned: 7:12pm

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