December 2021 minutes

Branch89 Merged      December 2021 Monthly Union Meeting

Dec 2, 2021

Minutes of the Nov 2021 were read by Kim Ognissanti and accepted as read.

Treasurer’s report was read by Roy S, all bills are caught up

Correspondence: we only received the monthly regional business letter


Holiday party is still scheduled to go on, we have until Jan 1, 2022, before making the decision whether we need to cancel.

New shirts for officers, a total of 6.  Kelly made a motion to go ahead and let Brian make the purchase for these shirts. Mike M second the motion, motion passed.

Open season for health insurance changes ends in a few days.

Wahoo new territory Brian went to Wahoo Post Office. New territory was solidarity in the middle of a rural route.  Postmaster was willing to maybe square up some of the station routes. He doesn’t know which way the new territory will go at this time, Rural versus City.



Christmas letter will be going out in a few days, we will get a few people together to get them stuffed and mailed out.

Roy motion to pay $110.10 for stationery and envelopes purchased for the Christmas letter4, by Brian G, second by Kelly G, motion passed

Annual leave is almost done in the Fremont Post Office

Kelly motion, a one time and only this year, to pay Heidi $300 dollars and pay Brenda $100 dollars, second by Juve, motion passed

Brian would like to make a purchase of a new laptop, for the next Vice President, they are on sale now because of Black Friday sales.


Page 2, Union Monthly Meeting    Dec 2, 2021


Mike M made a motion to go ahead and make the purchase of the new laptop, second by Kelly G, motion passed

Brian G was told by Mike Birkett that he was selected for the District Liaison Team for safety.


Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm


Attendees Kim, Brian, Mike M, Juve, Roy, Raven and Kelly

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