Minutes January 6th 2022

S2Branch89 Merged January 2022 Monthly Union Meeting


January 6th, 2022


Minutes of Dec 2021 were read by Raven Arehart and were accepted as read.


Treasurer’s report was read by Roy S.


Correspondence: we received Kim Ognissantis resignation letter, along with a few christmas cards from branch members.




New laptop was purchased for the union.


Holiday letters were sent out, only 3 were sent back.


New shirts have been ordered; they are grey with black lettering.




Holiday party has been postponed possibly to the summer time.


Ted Schmidt has passed away.


Raven has been appointed as the new vice president.


National Branch officers training is coming up. 


Clint is leaning into taking over for Roy S. as Branch89 union treasurer.


Kelly G made a motion to pay 50$/hour for branch officer training; those currently signed up for training are Roy, Clint, Raven and Brian. Motion seconded by Kim.


Meeting adjourned at 6:59 pm 


Attendees: Roy, Kim, Mike M, Brian, Kelly, Jenny, Clint, Juve and Raven.


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