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National Business Agent’s Report – March 2020

CCA to PTF Conversion – Congratulations to the latest group of CCA’s who are being converted to PTF career or FTR status due to the recent settlement of the national level grievance. The conversion to PTF or FTR will depend upon the size of the installation. 1. CCA’s in 200 work-year offices with 30 months of relative standing on February 15, 2020, will be converted to full-time regular status. 2. CCA’s in offices below 200 work-years with 30 months or more of relative standing on February 15, 2020, will be converted to part-time flexible career status in their installation. The majority of the conversions will take place on March 14, 2020, although some have already occurred. Any CCA who qualifies and is not converted, should call this office. We’ve already had to fix a couple.

Another Idiotic Test – Well, just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water…. The Service has notified the NALC that they intend on conducting another Article 34 test. This test will consist of no casing equipment! Yep, that’s right, No Casing Equipment. The Service plans on identifying 240 sites in the near future and will begin at the end of March. They are looking for offices with low mail volume. Carriers will clock in, get their accountable’ s, grab their mail and load their vehicles. The service will attempt to sector segment the non-automated mail and carriers will make the final sort in their vehicle. The test will last for one year. We will notify branches within Region 5 if they are identified to be part of this test.

Consolidated Casing Continued – As I mentioned in last month’s article, the Service is continuing with their expansion of this white whale as they increase their test sites to punish more carriers. Management believes the reason this fiasco is not working is because carriers are trying to make it fail and because of poor local management. While I may agree with part two, it’s certainly not the letter carriers’ fault. As I was about to send this article out…management has announced they will delay expansion until further notice. Wonder what tomorrow will bring!

Walmart – Walmart in partnership with the USPS, has begun launching sort centers in Florida for same day delivery of parcels. Walmart will drop parcels at identified Destination Delivery Unit locations with operation seven days a week. While currently limited to the State of Florida, it is expected that this could expand nationwide.

USPS Fairness Act passes House – H.R. 2382 passed by a vote of 309 to 106 in the House of Representatives on Feb. 5, 2020. NALC State Chairs and Officers, NALC Legislative and Political Organizers and all of the letter carriers who reached out to their congressional representatives should be proud of their hard work. Billy Long (RMO-7) and Jason Smith (RMO-8) were the only two representatives who voted against the bill from within Region 5. Please remember them when you vote later this year. Once again, great work everyone…now on to the Senate. Letter carriers need to be ready to engage their Senators on S.2965, the companion bill.

Coronavirus – A Mandatory stand up talk should have been given on January 24th concerning the Coronavirus to all letter carriers. If you have not received this standup talk, please call this office. The standup talk and further information concerning contagious disease prevention can be found at:

Arbitrator Selected – Arbitrator Dennis R. Nolan has been selected as the neutral chair of the three-person arbitration panel that will resolve our current national agreement impasse. Hearings are expected to begin this spring.

The Postal Record – Select articles and columns in The Postal Record are now available for listening whenever it is convenient. It’s also now easier to read on any device. More information can be found at:

Michael J. Birkett

National Business Agent
NALC Region 5 (St. Louis)
1828 Craig Road
St. Louis, MO 63146

Phone: 314-985-8040
Fax: 314-985-8045

Regional Administrative Assistants:
Charles Sexton, St. Louis, MO Br. 343
Dave Teegarden, Kansas City, MO Br. 30
Larrissa Parde, Regional Workers Compensation Assistant
Mary Kay Decelle, Field Secretary

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