minutes of the January 2020 meeting

Minutes of the January 2020 Meeting

-Call to order at 5:45 at The Wooden Windmill restaurant in Fremont.

-Pledge of allegiance

-Minutes of the December 2019 meeting were read by Brian and approved as read.

-Treasurers report was given by Roy.  All is good.

-Correspondence was read:  Letter from National about retiree Troy McCandless staying in the union.


-Motion by Kim, 2nd by Anthony to send Juve to the RAP Session in Overland Park, KS in February instead of Ken Nelson.  MOTION PASSED

-Lori Yuan, Chad Porter and Anthony Lockhart will all be working together on the Food Drive in May.  Thanks for stepping up.

-Holiday Party was discussed.  All things ready to roll.


-Accident, slips and trips, reporting was discussed by Rocky.  Need to make sure that you tell management as soon as you can.  Must make sure it is timely in case you feel worse the next day.

-Consolidated casing was discussed.  More will be discussed as information becomes available.

-Motion by Kim, 2nd by Lori to pay Heidi Johnson $250 Annual Leave Board and Brenda Brdicko $50. MOTION PASSED.

Motion to adjourn:  6:58


Respectfully submitted,

one last time by:   Brian Greunke former VP/recording Sec.

current President, NALC Branch 89

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