Minutes for March 2019

Minutes of the March 2019 Meeting

-Call to order at 6:16
-Pledge of Allegiance
-Minutes of the Feb. ’19 meeting were read by Brian and accepted as written.
-Treasurer’s report was given by Rocky. All is good.
-Correspondence was read: National Formal A, AFL-CIO, apwu contract proposal

-RAP session recap by Brian, Ken and Rocky.
-Jeremy Anderson transfer was discussed. May have relative standing issues.
-2020 RAP is at the same place in Shawnee Kansas..
-Food drive update. Kelly and Brian talked sacks and advertising. Radio ad will include Lori Yuan.
-Duane and Milt Havekost’s wives passed away.

-4 Branch members were nominated to go to the State convention in April.
-Rocky, Kim, Brian and Ken
-Motion by Brian, 2nd by Kelly to send the 4 nominated to the State convention.
-Motion by Brian,2nd by Kim to pay Convention attendees $500 for the 3 days.
-Labor management meeting in Fremont: Nutting cart issues, New hires, Food drive
-Steward Report: Fremont: several grievances. OT equitability.
Outside offices: CCA higher level in Blair. Schuyler CCA/DUI

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Greunke
VP/Recording Secretary

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