Minutes for April 2019

Minutes of the April, 2019 meeting

-Call to order at 6:07
-Pledge of Allegiance
-Minutes of the March meeting were read by Brian and approved as read.
-Treasurers report was given by Roy.
-Correspondence was read: AFL-CIO, Food drive posters, Donna Krekemeier 1189 letter.

-State convention coming up April 26 and 27th in Hastings.
-Food drive preparations are coming along. Food Drive sacks are coming. Posters were sent out with
cards. Radio spot will be recorded and the Posters can go up on April 19th
-3 new CCA’s in Fremont.
-Dan Lofgren was the successful bidder on C-15 in Fremont.
-Flooding in Fremont. PO and the executives tried to make it a big deal. If they cared so much, why are
there grievances being filed? Genuine sincerity is NOT their strong suit.

-Amazon is now in Fremont.
-Letter carrier perfect class will be rescheduled for June.
-Steward Reports:
-Outside offices: CCA higher level, CCA DUI in Schuyler .
-Fremont: Forced OT, Admin Leave, and Art. 14 Safety
Motion to adjourn at 7:08

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Greunke
VP/Recording Secretary

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