January Meeting Minutes 2024

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January 4th, 2024


Minutes of the December 2024 meeting were read by Raven and accepted as read.


The Treasurer’s report was read by Clint.






Letter from business agents office


Christmas card from St Louis


Old Business:


New business: 


Kelly made a motion to spend $450 on a new computer for the union office.  Mike M seconded. Motion passed.


Kelly made a motion to pay for up to 6 dinners for the Kansas City trip at $25 per person.  Chad seconded.  Motion passed.


Kelly made a motion to pay for go daddy and security.  Chad seconded.  Motion passed.


We will be finishing out our contract with go daddy and not renewing as it seems that there is little to no interest in our webpage.


Kelly made a motoin to pay Raven for coming in for a meeting on her day off in the amount of $50. Chad seconded.  Motion passed.


Spring training will be April 20th and 21st held here in Fremont at teh country club with a block of rooms at the holiday inn and express 


Brian is working on getting us registered for the food drive this May.




11 ½ hours and 12 hour violations, sending ill carriers back to the street after requesting to go home.  Management picking up city side collection boxes and delivering city side packages, bringing in a nonOTDL carrier on day off without reason




Kelly, Chad, Raven, Roy, Clint, Brian, Mike M, Cara, Jeremy


Adjourned: 7:19pm

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