February Meeting Minutes 2024

S2Branch89 Merged February 2024 Monthly Union Meeting pg 1


February 1st, 2024


Minutes of the January 2024 meeting were read by Raven and accepted as read.


The Treasurer’s report was read by Clint.




Retirement pins


Bill from Statefarm


Old Business:


Door prizes for rap session were purchased


Kelly made a motion to reimburse Brian for wine (door prizes) Cara seconded. Motion passed.


Holiday party took place 23 people where served


New business: 


Chad made a motion to reimburse Clint for time and mileage 41$ for mileage and 50$ for time for w2’s and Anns Bookkeeping. Jenny seconded. Motion passed.


Kelly made a motion to pay Brenda and Lori 50$ for their trustee audit. Chad seconded. Motion passed.


Rap session is tomorrow Chad, Brian and Raven will be attending.


Branch 89 is registered for food drive cards and posters are ordered.


Wahoos route inspection starts next week Doug will be helping with this.




Crossing crafts, 11 ½ violations, working CCA’s on 5 day breaks, 12/60 violations, untimely discipline.




Brian, Cara, Roy, Chad, Raven, Jenny, Dan Osbourne, Kelly


Adjourned: 7:18pm

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