Minutes for the May 2021 Meeting

Meeting was held Via Zoom @7PM
Pledge of Allegiance was read.
Minutes of the April 2021 were read, one correction was made (Brian was voted
to receive an amount of $150.00 for Tech Support)
Treasurer’s report was read by Roy S.
Letter from Birkett’s office for regional updates (weekly newsletter)
Old Business:
LMOU- Kelly and Brian have agreed to not open any local LMOU, Kelly has typed
up the Tekamah one, and is working with Postmaster, to get it finalized.
Kyle has purchased the ice maker for the Fremont Office.
Website- photo of collection mailbox- Pick rite-company name paid them $200
dollars, paid for by Brian and Roy. Lymbonia Tech paid $107 dollars to remove
and replace the photo.
Cody Loomis won City route 13, route 1 will go up for bid on May 10 th .
Sue will become a PTF, per Contract Language

New Business
Kelly got a list together for Active Union Members, to get the sweat jackets,
winter weight, grey with blue lettering, total of 54, Management has no problem
with carriers wearing this.
Kelly motion to pay up to $3200.00, to purchase these jackets for all active union
members. Second by Mike M, Motion Passed
State convention is Oct 22-24, located in Norfolk, Friday will be training, Saturday
will be State convention, normally this is done in the spring.
Steward Corner

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Brian- 204B decided to have rural carrier carry the mail for the city route. The
204B has agreed to pay the Grievance, OTDL hours for the carrier sitting at home
on this day.
Fremont-Overtime issues, all grievances have been settled fast.

Time Adjourn: 7:57 PM

Attendees- Kim, Kelly, Brian, Raven, Mike Jensen, Mike Mohr, Roy

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