October Meeting minutes 2023

S2Branch89 Merged October 2023 Monthly Union Meeting pg 1


October 5th, 2023


Minutes of the September 2023 meeting were read by Raven and accepted as read.


The Treasurer’s report was read by Clint.




News letter


Old Business:


Kelly made a motion to pay back Brian $166.92 for Brian purchasing sweatshirts for new CCA’s.  Raven seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Kelly made a motion to pay Brian back $55.65 for JCAMS and bookmarks.  Chad seconded. Motion passed.


Fall training will take place the 28th and 29th of October.


New business: 


Carrier Doug from Wahoo is submitting a 271G for route inspection.


Kelly made a motion for her to give back annual leave for Nov 18th. Chad seconded motion passed.




Saturday September 30th, carriers were forced prior to maximizing over time carriers.




Kelly, Chad, Raven, Roy, Mike M. Brian, Mike J, Cara, Charlie


Adjourned: 6:58pm

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