Minutes of the December 2019 Meeting

Minutes for the December 2019 Meeting

-Call to order at 6:00

-Pledge of Allegiance

-Minutes of the November 2019 meeting were read by Kim and approved as read

-Treasurer’s report was given by Roy

-Correspondence was read:   Doksansky’s 65 year pin was received


-Holiday Party is all set to go on the 19th of January

-Motion by Kim, 2nd by Mike Jensen to pay Sorensen Web Design $95.88 for web hosting for 2020.


-New/improved Branch website is up and running.  As was motioned at the October meeting, the branch agreed to pay Sorensen web design up to $450 for the changes.  The cost was $412.99.  Thanks to Toni Sorensen for the new look.


-Motion by Mike Jensen, 2nd by Ken to pay Kim $24.36 for mileage to Wahoo for a grievance.


-Brian Greunke’s mothers visitation is tomorrow from 5-8 (12/12/19)

-Safety team in Omaha, driving a promaster, stopping carriers, 6 total so far.

-3 grievances:  quarterly OT settled, paid Chad.  4 hours outside CCA in OT status.  Pay Lofgren 57 units OT.

-Wahoo grievance.  Management did violated but paid Amanda a portion of what we asked for.

-Long hours, Long days happening everywhere.  Short Staffed.  Just stay safe.

-Motion by Kim, 2nd by Mike J, to send Kim, Rocky, Ken and Brian to Overland Park KS for Rap session in Feb.


-Motion by Kim, 2nd by Ken to pay each attendee $250/day plus mileage and perdiem.


Meeting adjourned at 6:45

Respectfully submitted by

Kim Ognissanti

VP/Recording Secretary (Elect)

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