Minutes for January 2019

Minutes of the January 2019 Meeting

-Call to order at 5:37
-Pledge of Allegiance
-Minutes of the Dec. 2018 meeting were read by Brian and approved as read.
-Treasurers report was given by Roy
-Correspondence was read.

-Holiday party final preparations were discussed.
-Village in coupons for the drawing were given to Brian by Kim .
-KC Rap session in February was discussed. Rooms have been reserved.
-T-shirts for CCA’s was tabled until February.

-Letter carrier perfect class in Omaha will be held on Jan. 15th. Anyone interested in going should let Rocky or Brian know.
-Management is pushing DOIS and PET real hard right now. Do your job and you don’t have to worry about anything. ALWAYS
make management instruct you what to do.
-PS FORM 1571 was discussed. Use the form to protect yourself and your route.
-Motion by Brian, 2nd by Kelly to purchase flowers for the gold card recipients at the holiday party.
-Motion by Brian, 2nd by Kelly to pay for the meals of the family members of the gold card recipients if there are any.
-Steward report was given:
-Fremont: 4 grievances, 3 settled
-Other stations: pretty quiet
-Motion to adjourn at 6:55

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Greunke
VP/Recording Secretary

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