Novemeber Meeting Minutes

S2Branch89 Merged November 2022 Monthly Union Meeting pg 1


November 3rd, 2022


Minutes of the October 2022 meeting were read by Raven and accepted as read.


The Treasurer’s report was read by Roy.




Monthly bulletin


Health benefits package


News letter


Two new CCA sign ups


Old Business:


Fall training took place October 29th and 30th. Brian, Raven, Clint and Chad attended.


Convention will take place in April.


Rap session will take place in March.


The decision was made that Juve’s computer would be a better fit for Clint as treasurer.  Purchase for a new chrome book will still be made for Chad/Juve not to exceed 350$


New Business:


Kelly made a motion to give our members 20 stamps as a Christmas gift this year.  Raven seconded the motion.  Motion was passed


Kelly made a motion to hold our christmas party at the Eagles Club 25 dollars per plate for members and 35 dollars a plate for nonmembers. Raven seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Brian appointed Raven to write the christmas letter for branch 89. She accepted.


S2Branch89 Merged November 2022 Monthly Union Meeting pg 2




Management approved incidental leave the day before a holiday creating forced overtime. Due to this, management will be approving every request from now on “within reason.”


12/60 violations were satisfied. 




Brian, Roy, Clint, Kelly, Chad, Kim, Raven, Jeeny, Mike. 


Adjourned: 7:27pm

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