Minutes for the April 2021 meeting

Meeting was held as a ZOOM meeting @ 7PM
Minutes of the March 2021 was read by Kim Ognissanti.
Minutes were excepted as read.
Changes to the March 2021 minutes: none
Treasurer’s report was given by Roy S.
Brian received Union folders from Birkett’s office, and the monthly Bulletin from
the regional office.
Old Business: Food Drive, Roy received the check back that was sent in to order
the posters, he will resubmit another check at later date, if needed.
Contract was ratified, May 8 th , all CCA’s with 30 months, they will become a PTF.
With back pay if warranted. MPS will also go away. Contract increases will be on
the April 30 th paycheck. Back pay sometime in June or July.
271G in Fremont- did not go the way we wanted, 8.11 long for route 1.
City 13 is up for bid it will come down on April 8.
Newspaper – Kyle (Postmaster) donated 100 dollars out of his pocket for this
renewal of a yearly subscription.
New Business:
Kelly got an approval for the Fremont Post Office to purchase an ice maker.
LMOU- Brian and Kelly are discussing and finding out which station will need one,
Tekamah as of now, does not have a LMOU.
Fremont= we took out the PTF language, which will be added back.
New CCA- Kyle took one from Omaha, then he never showed up
Sweatshirts_ Kim gave the info, we will into more info, do some more research.
Branch was notified that that a photo on our website needed to be taken down.
We did not have the rights or license to post it. We will need to pay the owner for
using it, will follow up next month, more info to follow.

Page 2 Monthly Union Meeting April 1, 2021

Roy made a motion to Pay Go Daddy 99.99, branch website, Kim second it,
motion passed.
Kelly motion to pay both Brain and Kelly, 300 dollars, to join a meeting via ZOOM,
on LMOU training, second by Juve, motion passed.
Kelly motion to pay Roy 100.00 for additional training via Zoom, second by Mike
M, motion passed.
Mike M- retirement training Sunday April 11 th and is conducted by Mike Weir.

Attendees: Kim, Brian, Kelly, Juve, Roy, Raven, Mike Mohr

Meeting adjourned: at 8:20 PM

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