Minutes for February 2019

Minutes of the February 2019 Meeting

-Call to order at 6:03
-Pledge of Allegiance
-Minutes of the Jan. 2019 meeting were read by Brian and approved as read.
-Treasurers report was given by Roy.
-Correspondence was read. AFL-CIO letter. NBA letter.

-CCA T-shirts tabled until March.
-Holiday party recap. Only had 24 meals this year. 4 of them to go. Hoping for better weather next
-KC RAP session coming up on the 23rd and 24th of February. 4 attendees from Branch 89.
-Motion by Brian, 2nd by Kim to include $30 on each attendee’s wages for NBA reception.
-Split the pot total from the Holiday Party was $161. Larry Pearson donated the winnings back.
-Motion by Brian, 2nd by Mike to round up the MDA donation to $250. MOTION PASSED
-Brian and Jeremy from Blair went to the January “Letter carrier perfect” class in Omaha. Lots of good
info. Will try to have Steve Hedgecock come to Fremont in the spring to give the class here.
– City Carrier Duane Krohn of the Fremont office retired Feb 1.
-January 19th Lori Yuan and Kathy King, CCA’s in Fremont, were converted to Regular carrier.
-Blair Letter Carrier Troy McCandless and his medical retirement were discussed. Still waiting on

-PDI’s in Fremont were discussed. We need to continue to educate our carriers. Know your Weingarten
-Mailing of the Gold cards and certificates to the 5 retirees was discussed.
-Motion to adjourn at 7:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Greunke
VP/Recording Sec.
Branch 89 Merged

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