Minutes for the June 2021 Branch meeting

Meeting was held Via Zoom @ 7PM
Pledge of Allegiance read
Minutes of the May 2021 was read, and no correction needed.
Treasurer’s report read by Roy Seier
Correspondence: Branch 8 sent golfing outing for June 13
Andrea sent info on the state convention.
National booklet for voting results of election
Zoom meeting- with the company making the Branch winter weight jackets, she
already has the items for everything up to large size, she should have the extra
sizes by Sept 2021, if not she can have an alternative, she will do one jacket and
send it to us for approval, before they continue.
LMOU- Tekamah as soon as possible, still working on of the language, all other
offices are good to go.
Request for Arbitration, on the 271G grievances for both Wahoo and Fremont, is
being looked at
Kyle posted City 1 today for Fremont.
Kelly file a grievance, settled for a cease and desist, because Kyle was not timely
on posting this route.
Kim made a motion to go dark and suspend the branch meetings for July and
August, second by Kelly, motion passed.
NALC suspended the Food Drive for this year.
Raven and Lori will come up with some fundraiser ideals for raising money for the
food drive.
Fremont’s new CCA (Veronica) is doing well, for just working 4 days only.

Page 2 Branch Union meeting June 2021

Grievance in Wahoo- Supervisor Steve carried a city route, Brian and Steve agreed
to settle.

Motion to adjourn at 7:49 PM

Kelly, Kim, Brian, Roy, Raven and Mike Mohr

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