Minutes for the October 2021 meeting

October 2021
Pledge of Allegiance was read
Minutes of the October Branch meeting was read, no corrections needed
Treasurer Report was read by Roy S
Correspondence: National Letter for 50-year award for Roy Suey

Old Business:
State convention- Kelly and Brian had a labor management meeting with Kyle,
and they brought up leave for Juve and Raven, approved
FEEL was not approved for advancement, covid leave is still available
Kelly- made a motion to purchase a $40.00 bottle of alcohol for state convention
raffle, seconded by Mike M, motion passed.
Winter Jackets all arrived, Fremont’s location has been all passed out, all other
stations will be shipped. Kelly will deliver to Schuyler, and Brian to Blair.
Brian turned in 2 receipts for office supplies of ink cartridges and envelopes.

New Business:

Roy made a motion to pay Heidi $86.67 for printing the colored calendars for
2022, Seconded by Kim, motion passed
Fremont’s leave board is currently being passed around.
Sue M is having problems signing up for route 12
Route 12 is open for bid October 10,
2 new CCA’S being hired, Tyler Saxton and Celise Howell

Branch 89 monthly meting Continued Page 3 October 2021
Holiday party, we had no response from Tia, Restaurants downtown Fremont
(Osterias), 34-36 dollars per plate. Fish, steak and chicken..includes 3 sides and
soft drink.
We are going to table the holiday party.
Kelly motion to pay per day $250 for all attendees attending convention, second
by mike M, including milage & premium , motion passed
Brian is looking at purchasing new shirts for the branch officers.

Motion to adjourn meeting
7:30 PM

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