Minutes of the February 2020 Meeting

Minutes of February 2020 Meeting

Call to order at 5:55 PM at the Wooden Woodmill restaurant in Fremont

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of the January 2020 meeting were read by Kim and approved as read

Treasurers report was given by Roy, everything is good

Correspondence: nothing noted

Old Business:

$893.00 spent on the Branch Holiday Party, 31 meals in total

New Branch officers are as Brian Grunke President, Kim Ognissanti as VP

Juve Monarrez as Fremont Steward, Mike Jensen as sergeant of arms, Roy Stier,

as Treasurer, looking forward to the next three years serving with you all.

Rap Session in Feb, everything is set up and good to go

Food Drive: the branch has been registered with National

New Business:

$167.00 raised for MDA Rocky made a motion to raise this amount to 200.00,

Mike Jensen second it, Motion passed

Rocky motion up to $150 for 2 gifts basket for Banquet for training in Feb, second

by Juve, motion passed, Jenny Cox will research and see if she can make them

Union Agreement- has been settled Nationally 30 months conversion to career,

no one in Fremont is affected by this, but 4 within Branch 89 Merged will get


Juve made a motion for the Branch to obtain a PO BOX Jenny Cox second it,

Motion passed

Cody Loomis motion to reimburse Kim and Juve 5.99 each plus tax, for the

purchase of the Turbo Scan of each of their phones, second by Mike Jensen,

motion passed.


Page 2 Branch Meeting February 2020

Motion by Cody Loomis, second by Rocky to reimbursement Kim & Juve to

purchase a binder folder, motion passed

Juve- steward report for Fremont- Labor Management meeting, first aide kit for

each vehicle, scanner instructions are going to be put inside each vehicle.

Grievance are still working on in Fremont,

Mike Jensen motion to have Cody Loomis second by Rocky to purchase a laptop

for the branch up to $350.00, motion passed


In Attendance is Brian, Kim, Rocky, Roy, Mike Jensen, Juve, Jenny


Adjoin at 730PM

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