Minutes for September 2019

Minutes of the September 2019 Meeting

-Call to order at 5:50 pm
-Pledge of Allegiance
-Minutes of the June 2019 meeting were read by Kim and they were accepted as read. -Treasurer’s report was given by Roy. -Correspondence was read by Kim: MDA letter from National

-Food Drive by Kelly and Chad. Motion by Kim, 2nd by Ken to pay Kelly $250, and
Chad $100 for their coordination of the Food Drive. MOTION PASSED
-Oct 19 and 20th will be the Fall training in Grand Island. Motion by Lori Y, 2nd by
Mike J. to replace Kelly’s spot with Ken Nelson for the training. Kelly stepped down
from being a steward for personal reasons. She is still a great asset for the Branch.
Thank you Kelly.
-Motion by Jenny, 2nd by Lori to raise the rate of the money for the attendees to the Fall
training from $200 to $250 per day.

-Motion by Lori, 2nd by Ken to have Kim seek the purchase of a laminating machine.
-Rocky will not be seeking re-election for President this November. He will be there to
help and support the branch when needed. October will be when candidates for officers
will be nominated. Rocky thanks everyone for their support over the years.
-There is a retirement seminar in Omaha on Sept. 8. All are welcome to attend.
-Supervisors should show respect and give all employees the tools they need to do their
jobs. Come to a union meeting if you have problems.
Motion to adjourn at 6:48 pm

Respectfully submitted by
Kim Ognissanti filling in for Brian Greunke

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